CloudBank - Offsite Backup and Disaster Recovery

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In a 2014 joint survey conducted by Kaspersky and B2B International, 24% of respondants (almost 1/4) lost physical media backup copies that they had produced. 

Among them, 92% had made copies of confidential information, such as passwords, financial information and photos.  (Less than 1/3 considered making copies of sensitive data at all.

Obviously, these statistics are shocking and disturbing, especially in the world where data is so important and a compromise of it can result in serious implications.

There is another ugly face on the scene - Malware.

Malicious attacks accounted for 1/3 data breaches in 2016, this is up from 18% in 2014.  Meanwhile losses caused by staff or internal issues from 32% in 2014 to 24% in 2015. 

Data breaches involving ransomware DOUBLED last year.  Radware® (NASDAQ: RDWR), a leading voice in the cyber-security world states that 49% of businesses confirmed being hit by some form of cyber-ransom campaign in 2016.  The attackers are simply following the money and one of the most cost-effective ways to protect yourself and your information is to perform regular backups.

However, as of 2017:

  • 46% of Internet users still do not perform any type of data backup
  • 1/3 of Internet users have lost data at least once
  • 56% of personal users have only one copy of their backup

2M is leveraging the Microsoft Azure Cloud and provides a Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity tool with CloudBank, our managed backup solution which saves versioned copies of your important data in a durable, secure and accessible location.  Your data is encrypted before it even leaves your premesis and only your private key can decrypt it.

CloudBank is a Managed Backup Solution that automatically backs up data to secure cloud storage. Due to its ease of use and its powerful functionality, recovery plans in case of a disaster are simple, cost-effective and reliable!

  • Schedule Backups – Schedule or automate backups on a time table or when changes are made
  • Encryption – Secure your data so only authorized personnel can see
  • Compression – Reduce the size of your backup, optimize your space in the cloud
  • Intelligent Bandwidth Scheduler – Control backups in real time to free up internet speed while you work
  • Virtual Disk – Let cloud storage be a local disk to access from your computer
  • Local Backup – You can set this up if you want to send only a certain amount of info to the cloud
  • Block Level Backup – Backup only changed parts of the file, CloudBank does this automatically

Some benefits of CloudBank are:

  • Backup data remotely
  • Restore backup from ANYWHERE as long as you have an Internet connection
  • Continuous data protection schedules automatic backup for changes made
  • Encrypted security protects your data
  • Dispense with lost or misplaced "hard copies" of your backups
  • Compress your backups reducing the amount of space used in the cloud!

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