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Response from 2M Technologies is a Cost Effective, Powerful ERP Solution designed for Distributors and light Manufacturers.

Response is a powerful, yet user-friendly and intuitive full-featured ERP software application built for Distributors, Dealers and Light Manufacturers across multiple industries.

Response's user-friendly features and easy to learn layout lends for an intuitive and pleasant user experience and is strongly geared toward the distribution and light manufacturing industries.  This translates into more time to focus on other business operations. A few of the features you will find throughout the system are:

  • Ease of Use / Intuitive UI
  • Sales Order Entry / Shipping with Extremely Flexible Pricing Structures
  • Item Serial# Control
  • Multi-Warehouse / Multi-Locations
  • Vendor Purchase Order / Receipt Processing
  • Min / Max / Reording Exceptions Processing with P/O Creation
  • Fax or eMail invoices, statements and quotations directly from your desktop
  • Financial modules available as well as interfaces to QuickBooks® Sage® and Dynamics Great Plains®
  • Send Daily Invoices via eMail (controlled by customer)
  • Powerful drill-down capability to original document.  Document Auto-Archive
  • Role-based Application Security
  • Menu-driven Navigation
  • Available Credit Card Payment and Customer Portal Modules

Response is a Software Application created to help you manage and control your Supply-Chain, including:

  • Sales Order Entry
  • Shipping / Billing / Invoicing
  • Customer Analysis
  • Inventory Control
  • Purchase Order Processing
  • Sales Analysis
  • Sales Quotation Processing (available)
  • Import Vessel Schedule Tracking (integrates with Purchasing; available)

Response Products can be run on your local network or can be hosted in The Cloud.

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