Happy World Backup Day

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World backup day (March 31st) is a day to bring to mind the importance of doing regular backups to guard against the loss of business and personal data.  Failing to do so may cause you to become an April Fool. 

Did you know? - as of 2017:

  • 46% of Internet users still do not perform any type of data backup
  • 1/3 of Internet users have lost data at least once
  • 56% of personal users have only one copy of their backup

Clearly, data is extremely valuable and one of the best (and cheapest) insurance policies that you can buy is to perform regular backups of your data, encrypt them and keep multiple copies in a secure location.  Of course, accidental data loss because of user error or system malfunction will be areas of concern for a long time.

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Celebrate World Backup Day by making it a priority to review your backup process:

  • Understand your Data (what's critical, what's not)
  • Classify your Data (what changes the most needs to get backed up the most)
  • Assign a responsible party for monitoring backup success / failure
  • Secure your Data Backups (multiple copies, some offsite, automate if possible)
  • Don't forget mobile devices (they may have data that requires backing up)
  • Conduct Test Restores (to make sure that what you think is backing up is)
  • Periodically review backup and backup strategy (because things WILL change)

Make World Backup Day a day to rest easy! 

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